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Hello and Welcome to LightShape!

LightShape is a set of Scripts, Prefabs, & Art made for the purpose of enhancing Cubemap generation inside of Unity. Unlike other Cubemap generators that are available, LightShape has the ability to do much more! Note: See bottom of page for Tutorials & Reference.

For Information or Support, Please feel free to email me: cscherubini@gmail.com

If you already own LightShape, be sure to register by sending an email to cscherubini@gmail.com to receive update information.

Features Include:

* Standard Environment Cubemap Generation (of course)

* Global Tint Color

* Per Probe “PhotoShop Like” Brightness/Contrast/Saturation

* Per Probe Color Tint, Camera Background Color, & World Brightness

* Render Images into the Cubemap based off of Light Position & Color

* Scene Object Gathering for Auto Assigning Cubemaps

* Exclude Objects from the Cubemap Render

* Assign Unique Cubemaps to Objects on GameStart

* Assign Cubemaps to Dynamic GameObjects during Play

* Works With Unity & Unity Pro!

* Unity v3.5 Unity v4 Compatible

* Two Bonus AAA Style Shaders Are Included